Stop right there

And this one, taken at Airey’s Inlet, is my second favourite shot of that road trip. Happy 2012!


Where’s my cow?

While driving the Great Ocean Road this year, my friends and I did not expect to drive through a herd of cows, but that’s exactly what we did, and not once, but twice. This picture turned out to be my favourite of that trip and that’s me in the side mirror. I’m also expecting a roast beef dinner. Merry Christmas!

At the beginning

This is the last photograph I took at the National Gallery of Victoria before leaving that day. Quite appropriately, these fellas – well, technically, fellas, wimmin and children – look all ready to march off.

Where’s the light?

Minutes away, and worlds apart, from the Tesselaar tulips are forested areas with tall, skinny, dense trees, where it’s dark and cold enough to shiver.

The Tesselaar tulips

As much as I love doing the black-and-white thing to my pictures, there are times when colour is necessary to do the subject a little justice.

The three gents

Who could trawl Melbourne city centre without running into them? 

Like a fairytale

The Melbourne Royal Exhibition building is a lovely one, but what really struck me on the day I went was the beauty of the grounds. It was such a sunny, cool and peaceful afternoon that even I, for a moment, found the idea of a picnic quite attractive.

Sunrise on the Yarra

While in Melbourne city, I had the good fortune of getting to spend five nights at the Hilton South Wharf, which is next to the Yarra River. One morning, I woke up earlier than my friends to take pictures of the sunrise.

Welcome to the Yarra Valley

I took this picture while staying at the Yarra Valley in Australia, at a lovely little place called Sanctuary Park Cottages. This is the driveway after the entrance.

The view at Mornington

scomp Pano Mornington

One of my first attempts at producing a panoramic shot. It’s really much easier than it sounds, thanks to Photoshop CS3, hee hee. This was a series of six shots taken from Mornington, which lies south of Melbourne city. The sun was setting and it was about eight degrees Celsius. To me, that’s bloody cold. I ran back to the warmth of the car right after taking these.